Diggit image search engine

I used to be quite interested in the topic of image indexing, having published articles on the topic in the Visual Resources Association Bulletin, so I sometimes look for resources in this field, just out of curiousity. I came across Diggit.com today, a search engine for images on the Web. This search engine provides some search capabilities you may have already seen in Altavista, but provides a richer set of search tools for the specific task of searching images. The simplest form of search uses terms you enter for boolean or keyword searching. Once you have found a set of images, you can refine or expand your search using similarity. Similiarity works in two ways on Diggit. You can retrieve images with similar keywords -- the word may be in the image file name, in its caption, in the title of the web page it lives on, etc. And you can search for images which are visually similar -- the visual similarity percentage match takes into account image colors, shapes, and textures. To use the similarity feature, you uncheck the keyword box after an initial search and Diggit searches by visual similarity only. The most compelling search paradigm is offered by their "FX" and "Graffiti" tools. These advanced search GUIs allow you to draw your query images. Some people may be familiar with tools like IBM's QBIC (Query by image content) which was one of the first to pioneer this area of searching. If your computer meets the requirements, give it a try.