From toybox to toolbox. Has the web lost its luster?

This NY Times article says it has for Glenn Davis, creator of the Project Cool Site the Day, who misses the quirky and fun sites like the coffee and fishtank cams, the Mr. Potato Head site. True enough. Since Glenn stopped doing the picking himself, I've found that the Project Cool sightings have been anything but cool. They neglect to mention, however, that in the place of those cams and such, we have the web version of reality-based tv -- the weblog, voyeurism at its finest.

According to a 2000 and 2001 survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project in Washington, average surfing session times went from 90 to 83 minutes and that the toybox turned into a toolbox. People used the web more to conduct business, aiming to get off as quickly as possible. Gasp!

I don't know. I find the web more interesting today because it is more of a toolbox. I set up all my travel online. I search for real estate. I couldn't do these things as easily and conveniently before. And with the proliferation of business sites, came the need for information professionals (i.e. information architects) to organize it all. Nothing unexciting about more jobs for info geeks.