Overlay book

book cover Did you ever get your hand on an overlay book in your childhood? (I've been into finding books from my childhood lately.) This weekend I was reminded of overlay books -- books with a clear acetate or plastic sheet containing some graphics that when overlayed on a solid sheet of paper with a graphic or photo printed on it, give a sense of that graphic or photo in multiple states. An example of this are the human anatomy overlays that are sometimes in the popular encyclopedias. I grew up with an encyclopedia that had the human anatomy depicted in layers of plastic showing the epidermal layer at the top, and then with each layer, different organs are exposed. This is a great example of information design. The thing that reminded me of these books this weekend is the book, Ancient Rome : Monuments Past and Present, the ubiquitous tourist book sold on streets and tourist shops in Rome. I don't think it's still in print, but you might be able to grab one if you're in Rome or in an art museum book store.