Interesting use of index terms in news site

InfoWorld has begun tagging/linking each term used in indexing their stories. Clicking on one of the terms spawns a window with other stories indexed by that term. Nice.

See for example this story. All of the linked terms -- Windows, operating system, software development, programming -- are index terms apparently.

This is only interesting in that I haven't seen popular news sites expose their indexing much. Of course, only terms that appear in the text are linked at InfoWorld. Other terms or concepts that don't appear in the text that can be used to represent what the story is about are not shown/linked anywhere.

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Too much link love

I like the concept that InfoWorld is using, but I am not fond of the execution. The links being red and underlined really jump out at me. This make the articles difficult to read, at least to me. Another color choice and maybe no underline would work better for me.

A couple weeks ago the New York Times started using a similar keyword concept in their right navigation bar next to their articles. I like this approach a little more as it does not interfere with the text of the article, which oddly enough is why I am reading it. The NYTimes solution does not quite jump out enough for me and I forget it is there, but that is okay.

agree, too much

I agree there is the execution is just too much. Notice how the sample story has the word "programming" linked every time ... which is overwhelming other terms. If that story had a real hyperlink, one germane to the story which pointed off to an external website, it would be hard to spot. Also notice how the term "extreme programming" itself isn't linked, which is far more relevant than linking just "programming".

A sidebar glossary linknlist would have been better.

Reminds me of...

This is similar to the ill-fated SmartTags that Microsoft was pushing. Granted, the problem with SmartTags is that they appeared on all sites, not just ones they controlled.

I'd agree that the implementation is a problem. But, the idea is good, and it makes me think of a combination of what InfoWorld is doing + the global aspect/impact of SmartTags + Google...

What if there was a Google browser plugin (or extension to the Google Toolbar) that would tag words on any page you were viewing, except the link would run a search on Google for that word/phrase. It would be like SmartTags, except it would be installed by choice (if you don't want it, don't download the toolbar, or turn the option off), and it would probably gain wider acceptance because it's Google.

Of course, some sites (Google competitors, possibly Microsoft sites, etc) wouldn't like this, but I think linking any word on the Internet to a Google (or, for that matter, any search engine) search would be better than linking to a Microsoft-sponsored and hand-picked link.

Anyone want to whip up a toolbar that'll do this?


Tracerlock has a browser plugin something like that... you configure it with up to ten words, and then for every page you browse it will selectively highlight each occurance.

If I was on windows I'd snap that up right away -- meanwhile, I go to google, do a search, bang on each link, then do a in-page search for one of the terms i googled, read the context, repeat maybe for another term, etc etc ... eventually I find the good stuff where my desired terms are used in contexts I care about (and not simply listed on someone's damn resume!)

Google search highlighting

I discovered today that if I highlight text (a word or phrase) and right click, one of the options is "Google Search," which, obviously, searches Google for that word or phrase. I know that wasn't there before; is this new? (Maybe it's related to the Google Toolbar I have installed?) In any case, this is what I was talking about before. Wow, pretty neat.