John Weir interview

James interviews John Weir, designer/site developer for the International Herald Tribune site.

    The International Herald Tribune debuted several months ago with a little fanfare in the web design community, though it is one of the most innovative approaches yet for a traditional newspaper's online presence. Combining DHTML and content management to in essence create a news application for the web.

John Weir's personal home page is located at

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Nice work.

this is a nice example of how to use funky newfangled code in the service of innovative, truly useful stuff for users.
I wish all the sites I visited used a similar function...and with the open source code available at smokinggun, maybe they will :-)

andrew hinton :: symetri ia


Exactly why I wanted to talk with the designer. Not features for features sake, just common sense design that doesn't ignore the power user, but degrades well for joe average.