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I'm starting to play with Inspiration, an application that allows you to create site maps from hierarchical lists. Seems pretty decent so far. They have versions for Windows and Mac OS 9. They plan to do an OS X version in the future, according to customer support, but no dates have been discussed. I'd be interested in hearing pros and cons on this product. I'm thinking of doing a review when I'm done demoing.

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Loved it, left me wanting...

I used Inspiration for several projects until about a year ago.
I loved the built-in outliner and it's ability to import RTF. It meant I could do my content inventory in Excel or Word and pour it into Inspiration and spit out my IA charts.
I also like its rapid-fire build-a-chart feature (forgotten exactly what its called) that allowed you to create child nodes by typing its name then hitting return. It's great for brainstorming meetings to visually capture new ideas.

It's limitations eventually led me to switch to Visio. It would also sometimes rearrange your chart when flipping from the outliner to the chart. It's multi-page feature is limited to tiling a large document, which was awkward to use. As my projects have generally gotten bigger, I just seem to grow out of Inspiration. I miss it; Visio just ain't no fun!

Yeah, Visio is NOT fun. But I

Yeah, the rapid-fire feature is nice. I agree, Visio is NOT fun. But I generally am able to do a lot more with it than other applications I've tried including Inspiration. It's also corporate standard software at my company, so it's easier for me to share with my team. I like what I've seen with Inspiration so far, but it does seem limited. With Visio or Omnigraffle I have a tool I can use for flow charts, site maps, clickable prototypes and wire frames (although I can't import data into OG). I would just rather use a Mac application.


Go and trial with OmniGraffle, it's on OSX only, but it's deceptively simple, powerful and really really beautiful.