Better ROI using Flash built-in components

In "Better User Interface - Better ROI?" InternetWorld talks about using Macromedia Flash MX's built-in components to cut development time and team size. Page elements such as scroll boxes, which had to be produced by hand in Flash 5- are now drag-drop components in MX. For Macromedia, the message is that Flash is not just about animation anymore. It's about speed, accessibilty, and supporting business goals.

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link didn't work, and i-world's search BITES ME

The link didn't work. No biggie, though, cuz I thought I would just go there and search for the title, or keywords in it at least. No dice. The "advanced search" at doesn't really work at all... try setting results to a particular time period. You get everything anyway. Try telling it to sort by date. It might do it, but it'll be oldest-articles first. Try searching for exact phrase, it has no effect.

Heavy, heavy sigh.

andrew hinton :: symetri ia ::

Sorry, fixed.

Sorry, fixed. Had to remove trailing slash. Should go there now.

thanks! (and...irony)

No big deal with the link, thanks for fixing it.

Just so ironic that Internet World would have such a crummy search capability.

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