Forrester: Packaged Apps Fail the Usability Test

"Usability flaws in enterprise apps -- like CRM and content management packages -- erode benefits. To reclaim ROI, firms must learn how to support user goals when buying and implementing software."

If you don't have a Forrester account, you can still view the overview page and see experience the "multimedia"... (including this mp3).

One salient point from the interior (emphasis mine):

"Usable apps are hard to build. Enterprise applications comprise tens of thousands of lines of code that must support a swelling range of platforms, standards, data models, and browser versions.5 In an environment of such rapid technology churn, itís hard enough to develop a stable app, much less a usable information architecture that supports multiple types of interactions."

Interestingly, this is the sole mention of information architecture in the article. Once again, a kind of afterthought, a mere footnote in the "usability" concern.

Article is to be found here:,1338,14195,00.html

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quote from audio

"lipstick on a pig" priceless