Apple lays the smackdown on UI themes

[from Tomalak's Realm] Apple is creating a stink around the topic of "themes" -- alternative user interfaces for the Mac -- and has been threatening legal action with freeware developers who are creating them for the Mac OS. While I agree that the core OS benefits from a standard UI, I tend to agree with the author's opinion on this topic, there should be no reason for Apple to pank down developers that are trying to add to the tool they love. The author says, All this grousing leads us to the central question, Why on earth would Apple harass a small group of developers whose only sin seems to be the desire to make a contribution to the computing platform they love? The only explanation seems to be that, far from being afraid that theme developers will copy elements of the Mac user interface, somebody at Apple fears that the developers will create a better UI than Aqua. That hardly seems as if it would be a great tragedy to those who truly believe in an open-source approach, so I guess that somebody at Apple doesn't.