Applescripting OmniGraffle to produce site diagrams

James Spahr (Designweenie) is experimenting with some site visualizations by using Applescript to grab data from web server logs and automatically diagram that data in OmniGraffle. He's got to blogs where he talks about it here (includes pdfs of diagrams and applescript) and here (first examples). It's pretty interesting as a proof of concept piece. Time for me to learn Applescript I guess.

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Applescript is very cool now that it hooks into shell powers in OS X.

I haven't had time to explore it as much as I want, but I already started a couple of scripts that do things for my Palm, like take an image and make a palm-friendly pdb of it with Grahpic Converter, and taking a text file and making it into a Palm doc file using a command-line utility called MakeDocJ.

I need help getting them to be very useful, though... I've forgotten everything I knew about shell scripting.

andrew hinton ::