Taskz top 10 IA sites

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Some major ommissions from that list

Some major ommissions from that list: IAWiki, info-arch.org, NBS, blackbeltjones, bloug, the Peters, any of the ones on my worth surfing list. A good attempt though, considering that they probably don't read IA stuff all the time. And nice that iaslash was included at all.

And is IA Standards being developed?

Response to TASKZ.com top 10 IA sites

Thanks for the comment. However, there is a GREAT DEAL of common information across IA sites...more than some other topic areas of interest to our readership at TASKZ.com. It is very hard to find original content in the IA space that maps to broader development issues. There is a lot of localized back and forth on the validity of IA...etc but not much clear, business oriented, material. Having said that, I may not know of sites other than those on our list that do a good job on orignial content. The sites you list above basically cross-post data and information....so we kept the list short....However, we sincerely appreciate your comments. Please feel free to recommend other sites for the IA list which we have overlooked. This type of feedback is very helpful...Charles Mauro, Editor TASKZ.com