Critical thinking in web/interface design part 2: idea generation

[from WebWord] Scott Berkun releases Part 2 of the 3 part UIWweb series on critical thinking in design. Part 1 covered planning, and part 3 will cover project management. Some of the material in this issue is derived from the CHI 2001 tutorial presented last month entitled “how to solve interaction design problems”. Good ideas are hard to find. Project schedules, plans and budgets are important, but without quality ideas, great design is impossible. Finding people that can create and cultivate good ideas is always difficult, and often beyond our control. However, everyone can develop their own creative thinking skills, and can provide an environment that supports creativity. The best teams know how to balance quality engineering practices with a creative and supportive work environment. This essay on idea generation describes how this can be done, and offers advice on defining and managing the creative process.