Yahoo! Advice or Google Answers?

InfoToday reports on Yahoo!'s new Yahoo! Advice service, which offers information services by email or phone. Unlike Google Answers, Yahoo!'s model allows its advisors to set fees and does not post answers to its site. The service, managed by LiveAdvice, the firm that handled LookSmart's now defunct information service LookSmart Live! operated under a model similar to Google's current service, but is using the email/phone model based on lessons learned from LookSmart Live!.

Interesting to see this move by Yahoo! in light of the statistics that show Google getting 46% of the search audience, putting Yahoo! second with 20%. Some related articles wondering if Yahoo! will be able to keep up: Why Yahoo Is No Longer Good [Traffick] and Is Yahoo! Losing the Plot? [The Guardian].

Thanks to Lucian for the related links.