Marketers Call On Kids To Design Web Sites

Bizreport talks about companies using children to design web sites and to help their product marketing efforts. The look, the feel, even the sound of a Web site can mean the difference between a Web hit or miss, especially for kids. Online marketers have less than 8 seconds to capture a kid's attention or lose them, perhaps forever. That's a lot to lose, considering 17.3 million individual kids and teens go online each month. And they spend or influence spending in excess of $500 billion annually. Many of the biggest kid marketers from Mattel to Disney to Nintendo to Crayola are spending millions of dollars, logging thousands of man-hours, hiring child psychologists and even offering freebies or cash to kid consultants to help make their Web sites "kid-dictive." The formula is embarrassingly simple. Keep kids stimulated. Let kids feel in control. And, in a growing number of cases, let kids design the sites.