B&A: Why Iím not calling myself an Information Architect anymore

David Heller makes an argument for keeping IA separated from interaction design and user experience design, suggesting that IA should be an arrow in the interaction design quiver. It's been compelling to me to think of LIS-ey type IA work as the stuff that is unique to what we do. Our typical information organization related tasks would be the stuff in the HCI venn diagram of roles and tasks that does not intersect with other roles/tasks I think, because such things as task analysis and usability have been done by other disciplines for a long time without IA. One thing that I think would be valuable would be for IA to be permanently ensconced and valued in the HCI tent as part of that sphere of knowledge. Maybe it already is making such inroads? I don't know. I haven't kept up with the CHI list for a while.