A Ray of Hope for Air Travelers Following Signs

[from Interaction by Design] The NYTimes has an article about creating clarity out of confusion in the design of NYC airport signage. "New York airports were among the most confusing in the world," said Paul Mijksenaar, the 57-year-old Dutch designer, who has been brought in by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to redo the obtuse airport signs."There was no system. They resembled how do you say it? the apocalypse." As an information designer, Mr. Mijksenaar's specialty is taming chaos. Over the last two years, he has begun to turn the perplexing welter of signs at Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark into an orderly series of transitions that will ultimately replace more than 5,000 dated and confusing ones, easing the way for some 90 million travelers each year.