B&A: From Flatland to Hyperspace; Content Filters

Moving from Flatland to Hyperspace: The "Evolution of a Mindset", by Meg Cole
My entree into the web world--Spaceland, or "Hyperspace"--was not a smooth one; in fact, it was downright mind-bending. My personal journey from designing and writing for print media to becoming an information architect for websites conjures up images of Flatland, written by Edwin A. Abbott, an English clergyman, educator, and Shakespearean scholar (1884).

Exploring Content Filters, by Clifton Evans
What if there was a new way of navigating an online information space we've all seen before but just never thought to use? I'm talking about subtracting away information the user doesn't want. Content filtering is a much more natural way of sorting through categories, especially when the majority of your content is under more than one subject.