Mapping Web sites: digital media design

The corporate library where I work just acquired Mapping Web sites: digital media design, so I've been perusing it. This is the best book I've seen that publishes some of the core deliverables of our practice -- site plans/diagrams/maps and wireframes. I think this one's a must have to put alongside your Tufte books. Here's the description, archived from the InfoD list: AUTHORS: Paul Kahn and Krzysztof Lenk SUMMARY: This is a sourcebook for vital and hard to find multimedia information. In its broadest sense, this manual is about visualizing collections of electronic information through graphics. Web site mapping begins with the planning process, then moves to the understanding and navigation of visitors, and finally to the management of the site by the producer - all of which this comprehensive guide covers. CONTENTS: 1 Introduction 2 What is a map? 3 Mapping hypertext 4 Web site planning diagrams case study 1: McGraw-Hill AccessScience case study 2: Kasparov versus Deep Blue 5 What is a site map? 6 Data-driven site maps 7 Conclusions - mapping practice and experience