What makes a Web site credible? Consumers Union looks for the answers

According to E&P Online, Consumers Union is going forward with its Web Credibility Project, which will look at news, health, travel, finance, and shopping sites. According to Beau Brendler, director of the project, "We're not here to subject news Web sites to a variety of criteria, and give them 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' ratings," he told E&P Online. "But what we are going to do is test the things that consumers are worried about and find out how sites do. Are privacy policies posted? What kinds of disclosure do sites provide?" The project's core mission is "to establish, promote, and win adherence for core standards to help ensure the credibility of information on the Internet,"" Credibility is a confusing and maybe misleading term. What they seem to be talking about is credibility with regard to Web site policies, not credibility with regard to content, i.e. authority. So I guess this is like giving Web sites a "Good Housekeeping"-like label. Does anyone really think this would allay the fears of American Web consumers indicated by the Markle report last week? thanks Tomalak's Realm