RealNames Simplifies Your Web Searches

Keyword surfing system now lets you access your favorite search engines without a lot of typing. RealNames launched new Internet search tools this week designed to make it faster and easier for users to find information on the Web. users can enter "Google apples" or "Google cars" into the Internet Explorer address bar and generate a page of Google search results without having first gone to its home page. The system works with many of the major search engines, including those run by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Excite@Home, RealNames says. RealNames also expanded its keyword service, which lets users type plain words instead of the sometimes complex URL addresses in the address field of their browser. For example, the keyword service lets users to type "Ford Explorer" to get to the Explorer page at Ford Motor's Web site, rather than having to type the URL. Asked if users might find the bevy of search options confusing, Teare says he expects that most users will find their searching preference through trial and error. "I think the best thing to do is make it possible for almost anything to be typed into the browser," he says. thanks WebWord