Slim down page weight or lose customers

According to Business 2, Jupiter Media Metrix suggests that webpages weigh no more than 40KB to 50KB. At that size, it will take about 8 to 10 seconds for your page to appear over a 56-kbps modem connection -- about the limit of most people's patience. Any slower, and you risk losing customers as they give up in disgust and click away to another site before yours has even finished loading. That's not very realistic for many (most?) applications. True that the example they use, Google's search page, is very slim, but how many Web pages can consist of only a form, 1 image, and under 50 words of text? Come on now. It's always a good goal to be as elegant as you can when coding to slim down page weight (the article suggests that 70K is a good max weight), but Jupiter is comparing apples and oranges here. Incidentally, Jupiter's own site uses some Flash and DHTML and weighs around 73K for the html file and graphics plus another 60+K for the included javascript files.