Design and usability are not first

Logging might be light this week. Saw/heard Tufte yesterday and going to MacWorld tomorrow. Was thinking of the recurring theme I keep hearing from various design evangelists regarding content. Don't know if there are other quotable comments to add to this list. Edward Tufte: Quality, relevance and integrity of content comes first. Everything including design comes after that. (captured sound bite from lecture series) Don Norman: Why do you keep harping on usability? Usability is always secondary. It's never the most important thing about an experience. I will accept poor usability if I get what I need, if the total experience is great. I will reject perfect usability if I am not rewarded with a useful, engaging experience. George Olsen: A highly usable interface to a product that's irrelevant to user's needs, or too expensive for it's intended users, or can't turn a profit is just as much a failure as one that's impossible to use. (Interaction by Design essay)