Microsoft throws Java out of Windows XP

How inconvenient. According to InfoWorld, Microsoft is removing Sun's Java Virtual Machine in Window's XP and subsequent Windows releases due to an out of court settlement with Sun. Critics argue that Microsoft's decision to pull the JVM from the operating system points to an attempt by the Redmond, Wash.-based software maker to lure Java developers to its own language C# (C-sharp), a key component in the company's .NET initiative. "We don't see any reason for it from a computing standpoint," said Andrew Shikiar, director of, a grassroots group supported by Javacentric software companies and developers. "They might see Java as competitive to their .NET strategy." ... The first time XP users try to view a Web site or use an application that requires a JVM, they will get a prompt to download Microsoft's JVM from its Web site, he said. At that point, they can choose to skip that download and choose another JVM instead.