Cramming more data onto television screens

An article in Wired reports that more cable channels are cramming more data onto screens making them appear more like your PC than your television. The volume of on-screen information will increase in the next two months when new versions of CNN Headline News and ESPNews are launched as part of the transformation of TV viewing in the computer age. Network logos, small and relatively discreet, were in the vanguard of on-screen data. Now, broadcast networks and cable and satellite channels are cramming more and more onto valuable screen real estate. Personally, I don't think cramming more data on the screen always means you are communicating effectively. Multi-tasking sometimes means not focussing on one thing. The problem I've always had with screens with scrolling tickers is that I keep missing the thing I was looking for (like the weather ticker they show on my morning news show) because I get distracted by the talking heads. Then I have to wait again for the weather to scroll by. I think it can work with well some applications, but perhaps to a limit. The screens of business news channels are very complex, but at least with stock tickers, symbols are in alphanumeric order. thanks Tomalak's Realm