Building A Better Style Guide

Victor from noise between stations posted the link to this PDF on SIGIA. Building A Better Style Guide (PDF) written by Whitney Quesenbery for Cognetics Corporation. The paper takes a look at the structure and process of creating a style guide that gets used, and helps promote a common look and feel. Why are style guides so frequently created, but so rarely successful? All too often, businesses ask for a style guide as a means to create a common look and feel, in the belief that it will solve usability problems and establish consistency between applications – only to be disappointed in the results. Even if such a style guide is followed carefully, the resulting interfaces may not meet usability goals.. This paper explores strategies for creating a style guide that is more than a simplistic rules book. By making the style guide part of the process, it can be used to promote a shared vision, to help the product meet business and usability requirements for consistency and…it may actually be used.