A Comparison of Popular Online Fonts: Which is Best and When?

An article in Usability News 3 (2) shows the result of a study of user perceptions of fonts on Web sites and suggests which fonts may be appropriate based on several broad categories of use. Their conclusion: In this study, the font types that were perceived as being most legible were Comic, Courier, Georgia, Times, and Verdana. The results of this study also provide information regarding the aesthetic appeal related to specific font types. For example, the ornate fonts Bradley and Corsiva were perceived as having a great deal of personality and elegance (However, one should be cautious in using these ornate fonts to any great extent because of both their low performance and low popularity among the font types studied). Furthermore, Courier and Times were perceived as being the most business-like, whereas Comic was perceived as being the most fun and youthful. Applying this information can help establish the proper mood of a particular site.