Where should you put your links?

I'm surfacing some interesting research from Usability News 3 (2) today. An article reporting findings in a study of link location found that links embedded in the text of a page was preferred over top-left, bottom and in left-hand margins corresponding with content in right columns. Their conclusions: Participants indicated that they believed that embedding the links within a document made it easier to navigate, more easily recognize key information, promoted comprehension, and was easier to follow the main idea of the passages while searching for specific information. Moreover, participants significantly preferred the Embedded link arrangement to the other arrangements. Conversely, placing links at the bottom of a document was perceived as being the least navigable arrangement, and was consequently least preferred. Although no significant objective differences were found, the consistent results of the subjective perceptions of link navigability, as well as general preference, suggest that the Embedded link arrangement is perceived as being the superior format for online documents within a single frame. For this reason, it is suggested that for documents using a format similar to the type tested in this study, embedded links should be considered.