Search engine with screen-shot previews of sites

Here's a novel idea and another good use of the Open Directory project. Paul Rydell's SearchShots search engine shows graphic previews (screenshots) of pages on its results pages and builds a tabbed interface showing your previous searches. Here's what he says about the site: The idea for SearchShots was conceived in December 1999 because I thought it would be interesting to see what a website was going to look like before I clicked on it. The more I thought about the idea I realized that seeing a preview of what a website looks like along with its description is also very useful... The presentation of data on a website can tell you a lot about its quality and content. ... The first version of SearchShots went live in February, 2000 with screenshots of only 500 websites. The SearchShots' database currently has over 1.3 million screenshots. Nice work, Paul, and another great example of how open source applications make the crafting of cooler experiences possible.