Knowledge representation starters

Someone inquired about indexing resources on SIGIA. Here is my annotated list of pointers to get anyone started in this area of information work. Suggest any other good reading in this area as it applies to Web siets. -Michael Books and papers on knowledge representation

  • Explorations in Indexing & Abstracting: Pointing, Virtue & Power. Brian O'Connor Abstract: Draws on intellectual resources from information theory to MTV to discuss challenges to the indexing and abstracting field posed by the information and technology explosion, and presents alternatives for abstracting and indexing information so that users can actually find it. Looks at the shortcomings of traditional systems, and uses exercises and case studies to demonstrate the elements of a patron- specific system. -- This is an short, but excellent book discussing the intellectual work of representing knowledge, the core activitiy in indexing for information retrieval.
  • Guidelines for Indexes and Related Information Retrieval Devices (NISO TR-02-1997). James D. Anderson Abstract: This new NISO Technical Report provides expert guidance on designing indexes for every kind of document. Coverage includes automatic indexing and indexing based on intellectual analysis and the use of controlled vocabularies. A comprehensive glossary of indexing terms is provided and recommended introductory text for print and back-of-the-book indexes, database indexes, computer produced indexes, and electronic search indexes are given. -- The PDF is available for download. Jim is also working on a book at present on the topic of knowledge representation. I used a draft of his forthcoming book to prepare a paper on indexing art images. The NISO report and the JASIST article below were precursors to the forthcoming book.
  • Journal of the American Society for Information Science, Vol. 45 Number 8 1994. -- Special issue on indexing. Also search through JASIS for indexing articles in the journal and in conference proceedings if you have access on the ASIS site. Or go to your University Library to search journals.
  • Most articles by Brian O'Connor, Jim Anderson, James Turner and Dagobert Soergel are relevant. Also, a great selection of books available from NISO (search for "indexing").
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