Toby Braun

I revisited after Christina gleaned its ID samples. I was just at TBID about a month ago when I logged a story on bottom-of-page sitemaps because TBID was one of the first places I saw this concept used (circa 1999, around the time that he did the HAL 2000 thing that was all over the Babble list). For some time, however, he got rid of the navigation tool in favor of a simpler, but less navigable toolbar that showed only top level navigation and had linear navigation within each section. It appeared then to be more of a brochure-ware site than it had been previously. It seems that TB has returned to the more usable bottom of page navigation that lets users drill down to second level pages. I think it's better, although less sexy than the previous design. By the way, you can see an example of TBID's early navigation in Jakob Nielsen's bood, Designing Web Usability.