Election Issue Tracker

The Election Issue Tracker is server-side software that queries newspaper databases daily to track the press resonance of political party platform issues, in the run up to the elections. One of the outcomes of the tracker is to identify the 'press-friendliest issues' and the 'press-friendliest parties' (on the basis of the relative press resonance of the each party's issues).

The interactive tool is watching the race and displaying attention to political issues. It's also ranking the parties on the basis of press attention to their issues.

But does press attention to party issues have any anticipatory value?

Eventhough the elections are over here in the Netherlands, still interesting as it shows the last weeks, and the fact we are making versions for other countries and their period of elections.

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Nice graph, although it has a sort of Mac OS6 look about it. Expect slow performance on a Mac--seems to be doing some XML parsing in the bg.