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CVS Upgrade

iaslash was upgraded to the current CVS version of drupal to get ready for the next major version upgrade.

The most visible change you will see in coming months is the addition of the taxonomy module. The drupal team allowed me to help specify this module, so expect a flexible controlled vocabulary tool that allows poly-hierarchy, synonyms, related terms, and scope notes. I'll slowly be adding the taxonomy functionality as the controlled vocabulary of subjects becomes available.

Thanks very much to the drupal team for an excellent open source CMS that just keeps getting better! Will add more information about upgrades in the comments of this blog.

Helper buttons for forms

Added the javascript textarea helper buttons (Windows IE only) for formatting text (bold, italics, underline, list items, indent) and inserting hyperlinks and images.

moving forward is good

a couple of things have slipped though ...

1. there are only two themes available, while before there were more. I assume the others need tweaking to make compatible. I miss the one I used before and now have to put up with that honkin' huge rollover graphic. I can wait though ;-)

2. I use the subscribe function on IE5/mac to check for updates, but now ia/ seems to get flagged as changed even when it apparently hasn't. Not sure why, I'll try capturing a few versions to see why.

update: seems [2] is related to [1] ... the honkin-huge graphic is also on rotation, and thus any two requests can result in different images being referenced and thus the html is different each time.


1) I have to upgrade the code on the other themes to make them compatible with this release. Will do so soon.

2) Not sure why that would be the case, I haven't used the subscription feature of IE5 enough to know what date it is checking.

2->1) Yes, the graphic is rotated, so that may be the case. So if the "simple" theme gets back up, that should fix. Will work on it, although time is tight for me the next couple of weeks.

Simple theme

The simple theme is back up. -m

also, a spurious error message

I get this whenever I submit a comment...

warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/www/users/angeles/ia/modules/polder.module:1530) in /usr/www/users/angeles/ia/includes/ on line 312.

... the comment gets posted though.

Header errors fixed.

Header errors fixed. I fixed the header errors. Had to do with a test theme that was installed to see how the taxonomy will work. I've killed the theme, which has killed the errors.

Drupal 4.0 coming in 2 weeks

Drupal 4 will be released in mid June. There are 2 release candidates that will be tested leading up to the final release. Expect the upgrade on ia/ to happen sometime this month or in July. -m

Drupal 4 is here

Upgraded to Drupal 4 today. Went very smoothly and took a matter of minutes. The Drupal team really fixed up the update.php scripts much more nicely this time. Expect to play more with the taxonomy features in the future.