Analysis of heterogeneous datasets in social sciences: ReseauLu

The ReseauLu Project, done by Andrei Mogoutov (AGUIDEL, Paris, France) is devoted to the challenge of applying data mining and text mining methods to datasets in the social sciences. ReseauLu software finds patterns and relationships in data by using statistical and network analysis techniques. In addition to algorithms, the software has features to simplify the graphical representation of the data structures. The software simplifies the integration of analytical algorithms and visualization tools with database technology.

The ambition of the project is to provide for empirical research in social sciences analytical methods and software for treatment of heterogeneous data in the same framework:

- relational and survey data: surveys, network-oriented interviews, socio-technical networks and techno-economical networks;
- time-dependent data: biographical interviews and surveys, institutional history, professional mobility data;
- lexical analysis of texts, semantic content analysis, socio-semantic networks are applied for textual data - qualitative interviews, open questions of surveys and collections of texts.

Additional information and related topics can be obtained at the web site