OT (Music): Mashups

Way off topic because I am doing code this week (I'm not a pure IA I guess) and needed new music to drive me. Dave turned me on to mashups. DJ's have been doing this kinda shtuff for years using analog and digital methods. Mashups are sort of like cadavre exquis for music. Take 3 tracks. Blend and overlay them with a tool like Sonic Foundry Acid (PC only) and rip an MP3.

There's a bunch to grab at base58 to get you started.

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Favorites so far...

Kurtis Rush, 'Is There A Cure For The One Minute Love Cat?'
Vocals = Missy Elliot 'One Minute Man'
Music = The Cure 'The Love Cats'
MP3 64kbs mono ~ 3.85MB

Vocals = Missy Elliott 'One Minute Man'
Music = Happy Mondays 'Step On', O Jays 'For The Love Of Money'
MP3 64kbs 44KHz mono ~ 2.31MB

Public Enemy and Dexy's Midnight Runners? Yeah, we got that too.

Discovering IA Music

After I heard that "Tag that URL" song and being inspired the community, I was getting my setup at home done to do my own mixing and dedicate my first song to IA :)

@name: Madonnalisa G. Chan
@label: Information Architect

I look forward to hearing it,

I look forward to hearing it, mixmaster madonnalisa.

Also known as...

There used to be a whole mess of 'em here. (I found out about this whole thing a while back when it was discussed on MeFi, where they were just called bootlegs.) Base58 has a bunch, but I remember seeing a whole lot more on the old site that's now down.

Speaking of IAs and music, Dan Brown plays drums, I play vibes and keyboards, Todd plays ukulele, Andrew plays guitar (I think). (I'm sure there's plenty of people I missed, too.) Could an IA band be in the works?

(Most.... organized.... music.... ever....)

Beebop and IA

I've only been toying with the idea of mixing...i have a few friends who have released stuff(Grand Caravan), but i'm ready to get my setup ;) However, I do enjoy singing(pop, ballads, all kinds of jazz). I know Erin Malone plays guitar and sings. Perhaps at the next IA Summit we put on some kind of talen show.


Lou also plays guitar. I spin house and think matt jones may be some kind of dj well. Sounds like the makings of a party.