Google Graph Browsers; Related-pages browsing

This Google Graph Browser uses the Google SOAP API to build a visual Graph of page-relations.

(please bear in mind that the current applet is only a draft version and they are working to fix some bugs and limitations)

Based upon the Vanilla-vista, a project to envision and implement compelling, useful and/or enlightening visualizations of the Vanilla snip/link structure, as well as on TouchGraph, a great Java framework for creating dynamic graph visualizations developed by Alex Shapiro.

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KartOO does similar using a Flash or HTML (loads of Javascript) interface. In my opinion this is a better uses of Flash I have seen. Can't remember where I came across it.

TGGoogleBrowser + Other Apps

Hi! It's Great to see the TouchGraph GoogleBrowser mentioned on this site.

The latest version of the TGGoogleBrowser is actually not based on Christian Langreiter's Vanilla-vista (which is in turn based on TG). There are however two new Vista based applications on that are also both cool and useful.

1. Amazon Vista: Allows you to examine the graph of "also-bought" relationships between books on

2. Google Set Vista: Allows you to browse the graph of links created by entering a single word into Google Labs: Sets.

At first glance, Amazon Vista might seem like the more impressive of the two applications, but Google Set Vista has some interesting uses as well. Specifically, Google Set Vista is fun to use for browsing the interrelationships between the famous personalities, try: Isaac Newton

A facinating phenomenon is the correlation in the results obtained by looking at purchacing paterns through Amazon Vista and mentions of their authors in text as filtered through Google Set Vista. Take a look at Slaughter House Five and Kurt Vonnegut in the two respective graph browsers.

Remember, Double Click to Browse, and Drop down the zoom control and drag the locality scrollbar to the right to get a large view.

--Alex Shapiro

PS: The advantage of the TouchGraph GoogleBrowser over KartOO is that TouchGraph can give you a bigger picture of the interrelationships between sites, comfortably displaying over 200 sites in the same pane, while KartOO only displays 15 or so.