The interaction designer's coffee break is new to me. The site, started by Henrik Olsen in Denmark, offers daily postings and quarterly articles about interaction design.

Thanks, webgraphics

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Unfortunate launch dampened my enthusiasm

Henrik posted to SIGIA that he had "just came across this site called GUUUI which has daily postings and quarterly articles about interaction design and web usability. It looks very promising." and proceeded to give a "third party" perspective until late in his email when he revealed that "actually I'm the editor of GUUUI"

IMNSHO, deception is a lame launch strategy. I would feel much better about the site if he had said "hey I just started a blog". As is, every time I see it linked, I wonder if the credibility of the content mirrors the credibility of the launch...yes, that's petty. but true.

the guuui announcement on SIGIA


Wow. I haven't been paying attention to SIGIA mail lately so I missed that. That's a very deceptive way to promote a site. Thanks for pointing that out, Jess. Definitely drops his street cred points.

The guy is very sorry!

I know a guy who is very sorry that his cred points dropped by his "lame launch strategy." Well, actually itís me again (-;

I didn't want to be too self-promoting, and I thought it was a bit fun. I was and it wasnít, it seems. I work hard to add high quality content to the site and hope that it will gain high creditability out there - despite the unfortunate launch.