Place on the web::map?

- Place on the web - A Picture of Weblogs shows us a rendering of a great many weblogs, and all the links that interconnect them.
There is also a slightly more complex (Java >= 1.3) interface to these data, courtesy of

Place on the map - shows us where the bloggers are, organized by subway stop.

Does it mean people who use the web as a communicating tool, seek a way to get...i don't know find other people on their profile(on what they write), to discuss in the cafe around the corner? Geographical linking? Diana Ross;"i'm coming out"? WWWanna be known?....

Ps. as featured in the Wired 10.05; faces appeared next to the top blogs...

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iaslash is mapped on nycblogg

iaslash is mapped on nycbloggers on the R line. -m

Place on the map II

Who was first? As it appears there is also a geographical overview of the Dutch and Belgium bloggers.

RE: TouchGraph on A Picture of Weblogs

The TouchGraph applet on was a pretty early version. This type of search can now be done much better with the google browser. Check out this picture of peterme's neighbors iaslash is in there too :)