J R R Tolkien was an information architect

Gerry McGovern on Tolkien as an IA.

Information architecture is concerned with the organization and layout of content. It is a discipline that has evolved over centuries, finding its roots in writing and printing. J R R Tolkien was a master information architect. He created complex genealogical and geographical architectures. If you want to master information architecture you need to acquire the type of skills Tolkien exhibits.

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Reaching too far...

I find it hard to believe that the mere presence of plot structure somehow exhibits IA in action, even if it's surrounded by geneaologies. And he's really whoring to drag in Tolkien, in my opinion....



Whoring... precious! He's one of a few people evangelizing IA to business manager types -- thankfully not in the popular business media. Trouble is he isn't an IA.

Who will step up and be our outspoken IA evangelist, selling the value of IA to business decision makers? Who will be the talking head IA version of Jakob Nielsen? Surely it won't be McGovern, but as a non-IA and as a person concerned with content, he at least tries to sell the value of IA.

Maybe the Adaptive Path guys will be the ones? Or how about you, Melissa? Will you be the Andy Ihnatko for IA?

step up to the mike --

Perhaps I was a little too harsh on Mr. McGovern.... but I wonder if one area we may be missing is to evangelize those whose message regarding IA may be a little garbled.

We should all light a candle rather than curse the darkness, right?

doing my part --


Advocate or Bad name?

I agree with Melissa's first sentiment. This article was an insult to the craft of writing while not helping our case at all.

Wait --

I wonder when the "George Lucas is an IA" article will appear...

Isn't this sort of headline analogous to the "Leadership Lessons from [Elizabeth I/Shakespeare/Jesus]" book genre?

I'm sure Gerry's merely a victim of misinformation with regard to this article. On the other hand, one *could* perhaps link Tolkien's philology career to the concept of controlled vocabularies....