* blogdex links: kill em or keep em

Kill 'em
65% (41 votes)
Keep 'em
35% (22 votes)
Total votes: 63

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Looks like the majority of re

Looks like the majority of respondents are not using the Blogdex links. If, at the end of the week the voting shows that people would rather kill them, I will indeed kill them. -m

That little [b] is sort of in

That little [b] is sort of intrusive when reading....

Yeah. Unfortunately there doe

Yeah. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an option to wrap that indicator text [b] in HTML tags. I was hoping to use a css class to make it small and dimly colored, or to use an icon, but no dice. C'est la vie. It will probably die.

Re:Looks like the majority of re

Perhaps an asterix * instead of [b] would be acceptable?

Excellent idea

Excellent idea, olava. I replaced with an asterisk which is much less obtrusive.

no one cares

Nobody cares about the other blogs, blogdex, blog searching, etc. Just keep posting IA news on your own blog please. Thanks.


Really. Interesting. I've found that I end up looking all over to see if and what the other IA bloggers are saying about the stuff I blog. For me the social network is the thing.

List as Resources Instead?

I like the goal behind the link--increased community--but they do add cluter to the post. Maybe just attaching them as resources, like a magazine like Javaworld does, would achieve the same effect. This goes against the blogging "inline" culture a bit, however

Javaworld Example

http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-05-2002/jw-0531-j2me.html [b]

Is a good way to do it, but t

Is a good way to do it, but that metalinker script just parses all the URLs in the blog entries and inserts the links automatically. Don't think it offers the flexibility to parse them out and then insert the links elsewhere. The only way to do what you are suggesting is to do it on the server side I suppose or to put links in by hand. The problem with blogs is that there can be so many URLs/sources identified -- it's not like each/every blog links to only 1 URL. Would be much easier if they did though.