Evolving ia/ design

In response to feedback, the default theme has been redesigned. I hope to create additional themes that will let you see the blogdex links, but don't expect to do that this week. If your screen shows an ugly style-less version of this page, please reload the screen or select the "rokaku" theme from your account options and save. And of course, feedback (positive and negative) is appreciated as always.-m

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right hand nav

Not big on the right hand navigation. I have a feeling the theory behind it is most people are right handed, and the mouse will be closer, but I just find it distracting. My eye wants to read it before the main body because its so dense. Combined with the liquid navigation and the center of the screen is the least dense area onscreen for us 1280 by 960 people. I just wander around trying to figure out where important things are. I had to resize my browser window (which I hate doing). The reason designers have been putting nav or info on the left is because it pushes the main content more to the center, even on liquid layouts.

All that being said, I'm looking forward to a fixed size, or old style theme. Sorry if I sound cranky but normally your site is such a nice smooth read visually.

lefthand nav was better

I agree with JB -- I can ignore density on the left better than I can on the right.

In my case, right-nav for the ease of mousing doesn't apply to iaslash, as I visit so often that I hardly use the navigation bar -- just click on the articles/posts.


Let's put it to a poll

The thing is, the side navigation mainly points to stuff outside of this site, with the exception of tasks that authenticated users might want to perform, e.g. creating blogs, etc. Navigating this stuff is really not that important for weblogs, in my opinion. The meat is in the daily bloggage, which takes a more prominent place in the layout when it's on the left.

But I don't have a preference one way (left or right) or the other. So let's put it to a poll. I've made 2 themes -- rokaku and rokakuleft. We can pick the default based on votes on the poll, but if you want to have the left-handed navigation, you can just change your them by editting your account.

Thanks for the feedback, by the way.


Pete expect main content to be center screen, I recall a study that IA posted supporting this.

Due to how liquid layouts work, your main content gets shoved left on larger monitors, giving it a lower visually importance.

Is there such a term as Visual Usability? Designers have been usability in a sense since the printing press. We know how to make the eye go in proper directions by using lines and colors to direct flow, how placement and line length affects readability. Part of my love hate relationship with IA and Usability is they never give credit to designers for improving usability in the visual realm. Sure we make it attractive, but we also give the eye and brain places to rest, places to scan and visual hints on data relevance and importance through typography and the like.

I've ranted about this briefly before I think ;)

1280 x 960

You mean you surf with your browser maximized at 1280 x 960? Wow. I wouldn't think that most people would have their resolutions set so high and most likely would not have their browsers maximized to a screen that wide.