Data dictionary and technical metadata for digital still images

NISO has released a draft of Z39.87, the Data Dictionary for Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images. NISO collaborated with the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) in the development of this standard.

According to the announcement, two overarching goals led NISO and AIIM to develop this data dictionary. The first is to identify the data elements that would be used by applications to control transformations of images against stated metrics (or “anchors”) for meaningful quality attributes such as detail, tone, color, and size. The second is to propose elements that would be used by digital repository managers, curators, or imaging specialists to assess the current aesthetic and functional values of a given image or collection of images. The purpose of this data dictionary is to define a standard set of metadata elements for digital images. Standardizing the information will allow users to develop, exchange, and interpret digital image files. The dictionary has been designed to facilitate interoperability between systems, services, and software as well as to support the long-term management of and continuing access to digital image collections.