Iterative design can be lazy design

Gerry McGovern thinks that iterative design usually means putting off fixes and improvements to iterations in the next redesign. I thought the iterative design process most people take is done pre-release as well as post release. Design/Test iterate ... do this until satisified with test results ... Release ... Test/Design, etc. Perhaps when he talks about design iteration based on post-release feedback, he's thinking about evolutionary design? I dunno.

I wish Gerry would stick to writing about content.

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Makes me wonder...

...if he really knows what he's talking about.

andrew hinton ::

I don't think he does

And maybe I'm helping him by linking to his articles. I'll stop. I just get frustrated reading his stuff because he advocates IA so much. Sigh.

Let's petition him...

The problem is that expertise in one subject lends him credibility in another where his little knowledge is a danger. I think he needs a little re-education.

Where is the IA tribunal when you need it?


He's a ninny.

On the other hand, wasn't somebody whining we needed a Jakob Neilsen?

A ninny :)

And a little knowledge truly is a dangerous thing. Thing about being a generalist (which I think I am) is that it's best to rely on the expertise of others in their area of expertise instead of pronouncing yourself master/guru of all trades, which Gerry is starting to sound like.

It's all about managing expectations

I'm another generalist, and I think it's extremely important to know your own limitations -- it's the starting point of learning something new, for one thing.

I see deviations from this principle in many recent J. Nielsen articles -- they've devolved into personal rants about design tchotchkes and aren't backed up with any research. Not that I live by another person's stats, but it's nice when some homework is being done before a guru comes out with a new pronouncement.

The gods are showing feet of clay, I guess. Maybe I'm just still grumpy over my disappointment with the "Homepage Usability" book....

It's back

The article (or maybe just a modified version -- I didn't spend time comparing the two) made its way on to Great, now those involved in online marketing and advertizing will think that people involved in UCD are lazy...