Yahoo! redesign

Have a look at the Yahoo! beta. C|net and MSNBC are reporting on the Yahoo! redesign its home page. The article includes a screenshot of the proposed redesign and some neat screenshots of Yahoo! designs through the ages.

The redesign doesn't appear to be too radical a change in layout. Looks a lot like the other popular portals. The big "mantle" box in the left of the screen will serve as their prime advertising space. Apparently the redesign was fueled partly by advertisers, who want more screen real estate on the home page. I like Google's less obtrusive text ads and their directory. At least the centered blocks of text are reduced (thank goodness). It does look cleaner and the lines of alignment make the page easier to scan, but it's still got that characteristic portal noise thing going for it. I like that they surfaced the Mail/Calendar/Addresses links. The icing on the cake for me is that they're using anti-aliased graphics! Holy cow! Check out the logo and the buttons on the top. The web directory subject headings have moved further below the fold, though. And why do we need a search form on the top and bottom of the screen?

Would be nice to have a Yahoo! redesign contest or event. I Googled for Yahoo redesign and found Jamie Wieferman's mock-redesign for his portfolio. Compresses the layout much and proposes a more unified experience (using tabs) between the different Yahoo! branded applications. Jamie has a great site, by the way. Great screenshots of UI specs, great design and icons.

Know of any other Yahoo! mock-redesigns?

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Other mock redesigns...

This Industry Standard article by Alex Lash (no relation) discusses the famous mock Yahoo (re)design circa 1999/2000.

Yahoo has a whole category devoted to Yahoo parodies, but little on suggested redesigns.

I wonder if the boys over at 37signals will take this as a cue to come up with their own redesign, as they did with the FedEx Shipment Manager and the standard online banking interface.

And you're right, jibbajabba, Jamie's site is great. Excellent portfolio, wonderful examples, and a beautiful interface. I'm sufficiently jealous.

speaking of 37signals

Some discussion on signal vs. noise. Maybe someon will ask if 37signals will consider it.

blink tag

All this talk of updating Yahoo! has left me nostalgic for those days of the web of yesteryear. We ought to bring back the blink tag. I tried to to use .blink {text-decoration: blink;} on my home page at work for kicks, but it didn't work. So sad.

Jamie Wieferman

He's a male.


He does have a nice site.

IHT crit

There is much to like about Yahoo's new face: It uses larger, more readable type, gives extra space to breaking news headlines and adds splashes of background color. But it continues to feel a tad too drab and cluttered. Yahoo also still lacks a badly needed universal menu on all its pages that would make it easier to navigate the giant site.