Helping Businesses Evaluate Their Internet Presence

There's a brief article NY Times article on the importance of usability testing of web sites. Putting out articles in mainstream papers like this puts the usability meme more into the mainstream consciousness. If enough business decision makers read quotes like this:

    "Many customers will infer what it means to be in the relationship with a company for its design, navigation and performance."
there will undoubtedly be a positive effect on the bottom lines of usability firms. The value of IA needs to sold like this so that business decision makers connect design/navigation/performance not only with the issue of using usabilty testing to uncover weaknesses, but to connect these aspects with the UI/UX designers and IA's that might help bridge the experience gaps between the system and the user by working on/developing these aspects.

P.S. Couldn't help but comment on the hugely intrusive advertising blocks their using to interrupt the stories these days. Yikes.