37signals prototypes the ideal car site/telematics system

37signals has designed and prototyped 37bettermotors, a better car site/telematics system as part of their redesign series. Get maintenance feedbacks, schedule the climate for your morning commutes, view your MP3 playlists. Now that's a smart car. How do I get me one of those and how long will it last on the streets of Brooklyn?

37bettermotors is 37signals' vision for the future of automotive Web sites. Through a site like 37bettermotors a car owner would be able to interact directly with her car via a computer or mobile phone. This would allow her to lock or unlock her car, activate or deactivate her car's alarm, check its fuel level, warm it up on a cold winter morning, transfer MP3s from a home PC to the car, or perform dozens of other useful tasks all from the comfort of her home or wherever it is that she happens to be.

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Mmm, not really a 'new' view, idea. In the world of Logistics (trucks) this is more than essential for future service and insight. Besides that,

Note: Let me point out some current "mobile" technologies: like GPRS with LBS (Location based services, so no GPS needed), wich also gives the receiver a IP address (bye-bye license-plates ;) ), active RF-tags, I-Mode, WiFi (as a side affect, it will give a wide-spread network (oh dear;"hi-way") of (mobile) hubs) etc etc..

not so smart

that car is not so smart - it has miles driven of "18,723", yet it has also sent a message with the subject "I've hit the 50,000 mile ..."