A question.

What is this "Personal Blog" area for? Say I have a service that might interest this community, am I allowed to sort of mention it in this area?
What is the scope of this personal blog? Will only other members see it.
I just don't know how to best utilize this aspect of the service.



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You can add anything to a blog entry. Almost all of the posts you see on the front page are personal blog entries. When you post something, it gets put in a queue which anyone logged in can view using the "view submissions" or "user blogs" links in the navigation. Whether or not your post gets promoted to the front page depends on whether or not it is voted to the front or if a moderator promotes it to the front. Generally I promote everything that is relevant to the IA community. I don't promote irrelevant questions, shameless advertisements for irrelevant produccts, and that sort of thing.

If you want to maintain a personal blog here, you may, and people can access it by going to olava's blog.

So post away. Look forward to seeing if you have valuable nuggets to share with our community :).



Ok, thank you.