Palm to acquire Be

While this may not interest everyone, but Palm is close to finalizing an acquisition of OS maker Be, Inc. Palm has been reorganizing the company to refocus itself on handheld computer hardware, its traditional core business, as well as the licensing of the Palm software platform. Last month, Palm announced that Motorola, Intel, and Texas Instruments were working on readying Palm's handheld computer operating system, Palm OS, for use with more powerful chips, including some based on the ARM microprocessor core. The move was part of an effort by Palm to allow hardware manufacturers to design more innovative devices to run the Palm OS, as well as encouraging companies to create more advanced applications for the devices. Be's core product is its Internet appliance, BeIA, which has minimum hardware requirements including Pentium-class or PowerPC class processors, 8MB of persistent storage, and at least 32MB of RAM, Be said on its Web site.