eDesign Magazine

I'll be the first to admit I was a bit skeptical when I heard about eDesign, “The Magazine of Interactive Design and Commerce.” After reading the June 2002 issue, though, I'm impressed. This could quite possibly be the best print magazine for information architects and related practitioners.

There are some very cool articles in this issue; JJG is interviewed for the cover story on “specialized design botiques,” there's a great branding feature on National Geographic, and any magazine that features an ad from Frog Design can't be all that bad.

The magazine itself is quite beautiful, a nice mix of aesthetically pleasing communication design and lots of relevant, interesting content.

Most of the articles aren't available online, unfortunately, and there don't seem to be any free industry subscriptions available, but, with so many magazines relying on ad revenue alone, the business model makes sense, and I wouldn't mind paying $30 for six bi-monthly issues, a design annual, and the chance to help a smart and worthy publication stay in business.

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Like it

Jeff. I subscribed a year ago when they sent announcements to Print Magazine subscribers. They put off publication for about 6 months post 9/11, so there wasn't much fanfare about the publication this summer. I like the magazine, especially since it featured the Adaptive Path interview. It's got a nice mix of Industrial Design and Electronic/Digital Design -- sort of like a thinner Comm Arts.


Well you convinced me.. I just subscribed.

- Nick Finck