After the Dot Bomb: Getting Information Retrieval Right

Lou is pointing to and discussing Marcia Bates' excellent article in First Monday. This is an excellent article for anyone involved in web development. I have often harped on this blog on the issue of looking at the library and information science literature, particularly when it comes to information retrieval and classification issues (being that I'm a librarian, that should come as no surprise). There is already so much experience and knowledge in the IR field that exists that can be leveraged for information systems design on the web, but it is largely ignored by people who aren't aware of it.

Anyway, this is an excellent article, one of the most valuable articles I've read this year. Go read it if you care about how information and how it's used. There is some useful discussion about classification and facetted versus hierarchical classification, an interesting perspective on the present day use and understanding of the term ontology, and most importantly, a discussion of the business issues to consider regarding cost of maintaining systems requiring some form of classification system.