The TAO of Topic Maps

Steve Pepper has written a succinct introduction to topic maps, titled The TAO of Topic Maps.

I read this today (17 July) on the subway to MacWorld and feel very excited about topic maps now. Pepper's article presents a view of topic maps and their implications at high enough of a level to communicate the advantages of Topic Maps and with enough theory to make it possible to think about applications using Topic Maps with your existing data sets. Now I have to spend some time reading about XTM on the site to get my head around what one can do and see what people have been doing already.

Thanks, Column Two: KM/CM blog

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Needles and Haystacks

Also interesting is "Navigating haystacks and discovering needles" It's not as good as an intro to Topic Maps for IAs/LIS folks, but it provides another perspective on the same topic, which can help wrap your head around it.